Our handcrafted Saddles

For best comfort while riding along with your horse to long-treasured dreams!

Adalberti Saddles

Traditional Spanish vaquera saddles. Adalberti saddles are handcrafted, we use premium quality national leather for maximum comfort and connection with your horse. Everything is carefully made by hand and paying attention to detail guarantees the highest quality. ⁠Ideal for horses with wide backs like Andalusian or Frisian horses.

Adalberti saddles are specially designed for the best comfort in long rides in the countryside and heavy-duty work on horseback. In Spain our saddles are most popular amongst bullfighters, cowboys, professional cattle/horse breeders; and of course also appreciated by pleasure riders, western, all use and “Alta escuela” fans, and all those horse lovers who seek quality, reliability, and comfort in a saddle.⁠

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Andalusian Horses

Adalberti Horses is a P.R.E. breeders network, team effort, and partnership to promote the beauty, charm, and wonderful character of Andalusian horses, also known as the “Andalusian Horse” or P.R.E. (“Pura Raza Española”).

"Adalberti Horses is the place where people, love, and passion for the Andalusian horse come together"

"Own Your Own Unicorn" (Adalberti Horses) 

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