Own your own Unicorn

Adalberti Horses takes pride in the promotion of the traditional  Spanish horse, also known as the “Andalusian Horse”, or P.R.E. (“Pura Raza Española”).


Our Vision: Adalberti Horses is the place where people, love, and passion for the Andalusian horse come together.


Our Mission: To make a contribution in making often long-treasured illusions come true.


Our Pillars:


  • Quality: We focus first on the quality/health of the horses.
  • Pricing: Best price for value relationship in the market.
  • Reliability: Straightforward information and honest advice.

Our breeder's network

Adalberti Horses is a PRE breeders network and partnership to promote the beauty, charm, and wonderful character of Andalusian horses (P.R.E. ["Pura Raza Española"], P.S.L. ["Pura Sangre Lusitana"] and VAQUEROS ["Beautiful Spanish Horses Horses without studbook registration papers"]).

We showcase and sell the best horses from our partner network in Spain. We only work with reliable professionals to make sure all horses we offer comply with the highest quality standards and expectations from our customers.

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Our breeder's iron trademarks

We'll continuously be adding new horses for sale to our portfolio, please follow us and keep coming to our site for new horses for sale and products updates.  " Own your own Unicorn".

Hand-crafted freedom of movement

Adalberti Saddles

The traditional Spanish saddle, also known as “Vaquera" is part of the history of the PRE ("Pura Raza Española"). This saddle has been specially developed for fitting the back of the PRE which is rather wide compared to other horse breeds. It is one of the most comfortable and multifunctional saddles there is and its standard measurement fits any horse.

Adalberti saddles have been designed to ride horses for very long hours. The first users were farmers and riders from the Spanish army. Today the traditional Spanish saddle has become a bit of Spanish history. 

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Adalberti Vaquera Saddle | Limited Edition Ferrari Yellow
Adalberti Saddle_Deluxe

Quality Assurance

  • More than 30 years of manufacturing hand-craft freedom of movement and comfort for professionals.
  • Careful selection of premium leather, up-to-date parts, and processes in place in our manufacturing process.
  • Adalberti quality and reliability recognized among traditional PRE ("Pura Raza Española") and customers who see the Adalberti saddle as a practical tool for everyday use. 
  • Saddles made forever for the best connection with your horse and maximum comfort in long pleasure rides.